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Motorcycle parts that get you back on track!


Passionate motorcycle riders know their bikes inside and out. Avid riders can spend more time tuning, replacing motorcycle parts and working on their bike than they do out on the track, simply because they want their bikes to perform at its very best. Riders are mechanically minded, they understand the mechanics of their motorcycle and tasks such as replacing a lever after a heavy stack or fitting a fresh oil filter to ensure maximum engine life come with the territory. Motorcycle riding can be an expensive pursuit, the additional cost of a mechanic can put a strain on the budget and, more importantly, take away from those extra rides!

Common motorcycle parts kept in store make it quick and easy to complete simple replacements or improvements, but how many times has your mechanic told you that he has to special order your part and it may take up to four weeks to arrive from their distributor? Then it needs to be processed through their inventory system and you’ll get a call to come in and pick it up when they have a free moment to spare. In the meantime, you’ve missed out on an enduro ride with your best mates through the bush or, worse, you end up having to catch the bus to work while your road bike sits in the garage. Who has the time to go to the workshop every time they need something, particularly if you already know what you need?

Kickstart Moto’s online motorcycle parts store allows devoted riders the freedom to pick and choose the parts they need and have them delivered within 5-10 days standard service or with the flexibility of express shipping in time for the next race. Kickstart Moto gives the rider complete control over ordering their preferred motorcycle parts and expedited delivery through a direct ordering channel, reducing the cost of parts and mechanic’s fees, and the best part for a motorbike enthusiast, the enjoyment and satisfaction of building, re-building and fine-tuning their prized possessions getting them back on the road or the track in no time.

Kickstart Moto not only provides a viable outlet for motorcycle parts, they provide the tools you need as well. That’s because Kickstart Moto’s team are riders themselves and they know the specialty tools you need that will keep you riding and keep you safe. Speaking of safety, check out the tried and tested security systems on offer as well. The last thing you want after so masterfully repairing your motorcycle is for your pride and joy to suddenly disappear.

There is nothing that compares to the fulfilment and feeling of freedom you get from riding a motorcycle. That is, apart from the self-satisfaction from repairing and fine-tuning your own bike. Kickstart Moto was established for passionate riders, by passionate riders. Kickstart Moto riders understand the need for a more direct buying channel for motorcycle parts to save riders’ time and money that can go towards the most important thing – riding. Kickstart Moto’s philosophy is in line with the nature of assisting one another in the riding community to get back on the road or the track as inexpensively and quick as possible.