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Dirt Bike Parts at Kickstart Moto

 Are you passionate about your Dirt Bike? Are you searching for Dirt Bike Parts? With thousands of likeminded Australians you are not alone, riding dirt bikes has become a popular and highly addictive sport. There are few things as exciting as racing around a dirt track or exploring an offbeat plot of land on your trusted bike. However this rough terrain can cause havoc on your durable bike which eventually can cause damage and broken dirt bike parts.


We at KickStartMoto are here to help you locate those important dirt bike parts. We have a huge choice of the most popular dirt bike components to help you get the most out of your dirt bike. Get ready to experience maximum efficiency and enjoyment with replacement parts for your beloved dirt bike. Below is a selection of our most in demand dirt bike parts:


Dirt Bike Universal Brake Cable

While speeding along on your dirt bike at maximum acceleration, your brake system is vital to your safety and the control of your experience. One of the most common components on a dirt bike that may break after excessive usage is the brake cable. Thankfully we have a choice of universal dirt bike brake cables with different length options and multiple cable ends. These universal brake cables are perfect for drum brakes and ensure you get the most control out of your next dirt bike session.


Dirt Bike Universal 1/4” Fuel Tap

Currently our most popular dirt bike replacement part is the Universal 1/4” Fuel Tap. This 14mm female thread offers 3 positions; on, off and reserved. We also offer this dirt bike component in two choices; left hand outlet and right hand outlet. The fuel taps are one of the most important parts of your dirt bike and you can find more fuel tap options at


Dirt Bike AC Ignition Coil

A common dirt bike component that often requires replacing is the AC Ignition coil. Without this important part then you will encounter major difficulties in just getting your dirt bike adventures started. Our Dirt Bike AC Ignition coil offers a Yamaha style and boasts 12V CDI and Magneto Ignition for maximum efficiency.


Dirt Bike Universal Speedometer Cable

It may surprise you to learn that there are many Australian dirt bike riders who have broken speedometer cables. Fortunately we’re here to help with our replacement dirt bike speedometer parts. We offer a universal 4.6ft cable and include the most common fittings with crimping tool to get your dirt bike up and running. Soon you will be able to check how fast you’re moving with this important dirt bike part.


Dirt Bike Pod Filters

We have a wide collection of Dirt Bike Pod Filters, our most popular ranging in sizes including 30mm, 33mm, 39mm, 42mm and 54mm. We have other sized pod filters for your dirt bike so browse our website to discover more choices. is your premier one stop shop for the best dirt bike parts available in Australia. We constantly check our bike parts stocks to ensure a speedy delivery and update our huge catalogue of parts on a daily basis. At the time of writing we currently have over 1200 dirt bike parts in stock. If you are unable to locate a particular dirt bike part then get in touch with us and one of our friendly team will happily help locate the part you require for maximum dirt bike enjoyment.